• Tattersalls Online is the new online sales platform for thoroughbreds, providing a secure, cost-effective opportunity to trade in a global environment. 

    This platform is only available to bidders who are bidding / purchasing for purposes relating to their trade or business.

  • 1. Pre-Sale – Lots are entered, reserves are set and videos/pictures are uploaded

    2. Catalogue Publication - The Online Catalogue will be published from 5.00 p.m. on the date advertised

    3. Bidding Starts - The Online Auction will commence at or after 12.00 p.m. noon BST on the date advertised

    4. Original Closing Time - Bidding will close approximately 48 hours after its commencement with the auction of the first Lot in the Catalogue concluding at 12.00 p.m. noon BST on the second day after the commencement of the Sale

  • There will be 5-minute intervals between Lots from the Original Closing Time, with a 5-minute rolling extension if a bid is received in the last 5 minutes of the sale.

  • The Original Closing Time will automatically be extended by a rolling period of 5 minutes from the time of the previous bid. Once the Original Closing Time has been reached, a period of 5 minutes must elapse following a bid (without any further bid being made during that 5 minute period) for that bid to be accepted as the final bid.

  • 1. Visit www.tattersallsonline.com 

    2. Select the Sale of interest.

    3. If you already have an online account with Tattersalls then you don’t need to register again and can use those details to Logon. You will see a “Logon” button on the right hand side of the Sale Page.

    4. If you don’t have a Tattersalls Account you will see a “REGISTER” button. Please fill out your details on this page and submit them.

  • Yes. You’ll notice the little “lock” on the address bar which will allow you to view the SSL Certificate. It keeps your information private as it’s sent to and from www.tattersallsonline.com.

  • All Online Catalogues will be published on the respective Tattersalls website under ‘SALES & RESULTS’ as well as on the Equine Line Sale Catalogue App.

  • The Lot and its progeny (if any) shall be at the purchaser’s risk in all respects from the time the Lot is sold. 

  • The purchaser shall take away at his own expense every Lot purchased by him from the Vendor’s Premises before 5.00 p.m. on the third day after the day on which the Lot is sold, provided that Tattersalls has given its prior written consent thereto.

  • Please contact Jim Wordsworth of Anglo Hibernian Bloodstock Insurance (www.anglo-hibernian.co.uk) ahead of bidding on any Lot to make the necessary arrangements for Fall of Hammer Insurance on 01638 669930 or email jim@anglo-hibernian.co.uk

  • An entry fee of £150 (+VAT)  is payable by the vendor to Tattersalls in respect of each Lot entered and whose details are published in the online catalogue.

  • Commission is payable to Tattersalls by the vendor at the rate of 5% of the price of each Lot sold.

    Lots bought in and published as such by the end of the sale day, are subject to zero commission.

    Vendors are obligated to instruct our accounts department to publish bought-in lots by the end of the sale day to qualify for zero commission else are subject to a 5% commission rate.

  • There are no purchaser premium fees charged for Tattersalls Online Auctions.

  • There is no charge for setting a reserve price for Tattersalls Online Auctions.

  • Login to your Tattersalls Online Account via ‘MY ACCOUNT’ on the top right corner of the Tattersalls homepage

    Click ‘BLOODSTOCK SALES’ and then click on the specific Tattersalls Sale you wish to enter

    Complete all the required details for each horse 

    Click ‘Submit Entry’

  • All Lots offered for sale will be subject to a reserve price which shall be either the minimum selling price or that specified by the Vendor ahead of the start of the online auction.

    Vendors must set reserves via their Tattersalls Online Account by clicking ‘Catalogued Lots’ before completing ‘Entry Lot Info’.

  • Click ‘BLOODSTOCK SALES’ followed by ‘Catalogued Lots’ on your Tattersalls Online Account.

    Use the film strip icons to upload, view, or delete images & videos for display on our website.

    Uploaded images will be viewable by the public once approved by Tattersalls.

    Images must be JPEG and video in MP4 formats.

  • Veterinary certificates along with any other documentation should be uploaded via your Tattersalls Online Account within ‘Lot Documentation’.

  • Once you have registered and logged in, you will see an option to JOIN SALE. 

    Click ‘JOIN SALE’ and confirm your email and mobile details and how you would like to be notified during the auction. 

    A confirmation message will be sent to ask you to validate your mobile number and email address. 

    After you ask to Join Sale you will need to wait for a member of the Tattersalls accounts team to approve your application.

    You will need to repeat this process each time you wish to bid on a sale. 

  • Navigate to the Sale and click ‘LOGON’ 

    Click on the individual Lot page

    Next to ‘Your Bid’ select the amount you wish to bid

    Click ‘CONFIRM BID’

  • No. Once your ‘CONFIRM BID’ has been accepted, it cannot be withdrawn.

  • Once a bid has been accepted, both the bidder and vendor will be notified by text/email as well. The bidder will also be notified when someone outbids them. The number of bids will also be available to be seen on the website, although not with any identity of the bidder.

    Bidders will be able to create their own Short List view whilst all bidding activity can be viewed through the ‘My Bids’ view. Vendors can monitor the progression of the Sale via ‘My Lots’.

  • Whilst completing your details to ‘JOIN SALE’ you can make an application for credit by downloading and completing the relevant forms. 

  • Any payment terms previously agreed with Tattersalls for live auctions will not apply to Tattersalls Online, and you will be expected to pay the full Purchase Sum immediately unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance of the sale.

  • Please contact a member of our Accounts team by email accountsvp@tattersalls.com or telephone on 01638 665931. 

  • Prospective purchasers are advised to inspect each Lot prior to purchase by contacting the vendor, whose approval must also be obtained before a veterinary inspection is arranged.

  • The Minimum Selling may vary for each Tattersalls Online Auction but will be advertised in the Overview page of each respective Sale page on the Tattersalls website.

  • Following the sale of the Lot, the vendor and purchaser will be notified by text/email whilst the purchaser will also be asked to confirm their online Published Details. 

  • You will be expected to pay the full Purchase Sum immediately unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance of the sale. The accounts teams will then issue a pass out to both the purchaser and vendor, which is required to collect the Lot. The Purchaser shall take away at his own expense every Lot purchased by him from the Vendor’s Premises before 5.00 p.m. on the third day after the day on which the Lot was sold.

  • Please contact the Tattersalls on 01638 665931. 

    For technical issues please contact tattersallsonline@tattersalls.com.